Attic Bedroom Renovation

Posted in Archive on 11 January, 2008 (10:00)

Our house has a massive converted attic which we ultimately plan on making into our bedroom, i’ve included a few pics in various states of production below, click to open in a new window.

As you can see it’s in a bit of a sorry state at the moment which makes it a little hard to imagine how great it could be, so shortly after moving in I started mocking up a few ideas as to what we could do with the space up there.

The first plan I had was to replace those horrible curtains with Japanese style screen doors to create a proper storage area, this small section would be for shoes and other bits and pieces but also be suitable for a low clothes rail for shirts and jackets. I took a photo and mocked the doors in using photoshop as you can see below…

Em and I both agreed this looked pretty cool. I then decided that as with the basement i would take measurements and model the entire room in 3D, the results of which are available below.

As always click the images to open them in a new window.

This is as far as we’ve got with this room at the moment as we’re waiting to get the windows replaced before we begin any hefty work in there, the colour scheme in these renders is by no means what we’re using, they’re just nice neutral colours so it is clear and easy to understand πŸ™‚

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  1. neillans on 11 January, 2008 at (13:09)

    Damn it man, you have too much spare time πŸ™‚ Looking good though!

  2. James on 11 January, 2008 at (13:30)

    That I do… but it’s all good practice πŸ™‚ An article about the bathrooms going up tomorrow and i’ll probably do the other rooms of the house too, man i’m dull! πŸ™‚

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