Saltaire Boathouse Arson Attack

Posted in Archive on 13 April, 2008 (12:24)

UPDATE: Boathouse reopened 12th August 2009

Yesterday morning we heard from friends that the Boathouse Inn had been subject to an arson attack on Friday night, and sadly the local papers website confirmed this..

I’ve enjoyed a good few drinks down at the Boathouse and while walking the dog today decided to go have a look at the damage for myself.. (pictures pop)

This is a shot from inside the car park, damage to the roof clearly visible.

I decided to head across the bridge, and got some similar shots to the flood pictures from late last year.

Another shot from the bridge, the right hand side looks rather intact. With that in mind I decided to head back and observe the damage from the road that runs behind the building.

The ground here looks well trodden, probably where the fire brigade got in but also possibly our culprits. One encouraging thing is the plastic skylights haven’t melted, which hopefully means the blaze was fairly localised.

I really hope they catch the idiots who did this, and save the place, maybe put some extra money in to restore it and make it great again. It’s been shut for a good few months and it’s future was in doubt way before this happened.

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