Minecraft – A peek into My World

Posted in Games on 3 March, 2011 (18:50)

Minecraft - My World

Minecraft is awesome, just awesome. It totally plays on my childhood love for Lego and has had me hooked since I bought it in December. Since then I’ve been building loads, putting off writing about it until I’m done.. although now I’m starting to realise I might never be done… So for now anyway, here are some screenshots of my kingdom in various levels of completion, including a Castle, park, massive tower, airship and small town. It’s not got anything on the incredible structures I’ve seen around the internet, but still.. enjoy!

Minecraft - Skydeck

Minecraft - Castle & Skydeck

Minecraft - Park area at sunset

Minecraft - Looking down on the Castle battlements

Minecraft - The Castle dock at sunset

Minecraft - The deck of my Airship

Minecraft - Airship cabin

Minecraft - Airship controls

Minecraft - Airship hold

Minecraft - Inside the Airships Balloon

Minecraft - The first few houses, with my Airship in the background

Minecraft - Town Street

Minecraft - Looking down on the town from the Castle

Minecraft - The Airship and Church

Minecraft - Town Street with the Airship in the background

Minecraft - Night view of the town from the Airship

So there we go! My world, so far… I still need to build a business distrct on the other manmade island and create my underground metro system. Might build another airship too.. so many possibilities!

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