Virtual On Twin Stick Project – Worklog 1

Posted in Games on 9 August, 2009 (11:56)

Virtual On Twin Stick Project - Worklog 1

Slow and steady progress this week as I was up being sick from 5am yesterday and spent the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself. What I have done is break open my component parts and have a good nose around…

Mad Catz 4716 2006 version
First things first I tore open the xbox bad, and was happily greeted by this board, which is common ground, wahey!

Quickshot deconstruction
Next it was the Quickshots turn – bye bye suckers, going to use those holes to bolt it inside the box.

Quickshot deconstruction
Chopped the wires to it’s NES cable, no turning back now.

Salvaging some wire
This actually gave me an idea – Maplin didn’t have any brown wire, and wanting to follow rtdzigns method as best I can I could really do with some, so I took a craft knife to the remains of the cable(which is a good 60cm long at least)

Salvaging some wire
Aaaah yeah, lots of wire for me! hope it’s not too old and brittle to use, time will tell.

So this coming week i’m going to order some Sanwa arcade buttons and pick up some resistors to trigger hack the xbox pad. The fun continues!

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