Virtual On Twin Stick Project – Worklog 5

Posted in Games on 26 June, 2011 (22:58)

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So I’ve been working on this project for a long time, way too long. Looking back I think I’ve been approaching it all wrong, focusing too much on the aesthetics rather than how I’m actually going to make this work. This weekend I’ve done a bit of planning which will hopefully get this back on track! I started off by doing a rough top-down drawing of the toolbox I’m using as a base, and drew in the quickshots and arcade buttons.

Next issue was working out how the hell to mount them within the box. The design of the Quickshot means the base casing needs to be pretty much intact for everything to work, my first idea was to use the holes in the base and run some bolts through into some wooden blocking. This would make the whole thing very heavy, and really reduce the amount of space inside for wiring and the PCB from the Mad Catz pad, so out the window with that.

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I had another look inside the Quickshot casing, and there’s a fair bit of space in each corner, so the plan now is to drill through the top and bolt the sticks directly to the top of the box with the bolts protuding outwards. It’ll be nice and stable and I’ll work the bolts into the faceplate design after it’s all done.

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Quick side-view to illustrate how I’m going to do this, I might try and get plastic bolts or coat them in a non conductive substance after to make sure they don’t interfere with any of the workings should anything move about and come in contact with them.

I’d really like to get this thing working before the 2-year anniversary of the project start – 5th August. I feel a bit more confident now I have a plan though, it’s always good to have a plan.

And thanks to Billkwando for stumbling upon my blog and rekindling my drive for this project 😀

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