Yakuza(Ryu ga Gotoku) Ishin Trailer

Posted in Games on 20 September, 2013 (11:37)

Here’s a great looking trailer for the upcoming Yakuza(Ryu ga Gotoku in Japan) side story and Playstation 4 launch title, Yakuza Ishin.

Ishin, Japanese for “restoration” takes place in Edo period Japan, with Kazuma Kiryu taking the role of historical figure Sakamoto Ryoma, whose actions were instrumental in bringing about the Meiji Resoration. The game looks fantastic, with all the great scenery detail I’ve come to expect from a Yakuza game, I especially like the Edo Donki Kingdom store at around 1:47! Plenty of mini games are shown off, including chicken races, working in a restaurant and slicing cannonballs with your sword!

Considering the Musashi Miyamoto centered side game “Yakuza Kenzan” never got a western release, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for this one leaving Japan either. But I’m still hoping for a translated release of Yakuza 5!

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