Birthday Fun

Posted in General on 2 August, 2009 (14:40)

Yesterday was my 26th birthday (i’m starting to feel old!) and Emma took me on the Steam train at Keighley and Worth Valley Railway! Despite Keighley itself being a bit of a dive, the station is really well kept with loads of classic adverts, signs and fittings.

Choo choo!

The line passes through some really nice countryside with cute little stations, including Damens, the smallest in Britain! Was really nice to sit back and enjoy the views. Guess there must be some Densha Otaku in me 🙂

We rode the train all the way to Oxenhope – the end of the line, and this gave us 20mins to get some nice pictures of the engine and have a look at the station museum.

They let me stand in the Engine for a pic, awesome!

The Museum was actually more of a warehouse, packed with lots of amazing carraiges and engines. The one on the left of this picture is a very posh looking food carraige that they put on the line for special occasions.

Jumping back on the train, we went back down the line one stop to Haworth and got off for a bite to eat. There was a food market type thing on in the park with loads of really tasty munch including some incredible cakes! I know i’m supposed to be on a diet by Em bought me one as a special treat 🙂

As well as getting taken out for the day Emma got me some awesome pressies too, the Superdry hoodie in the above pictures, the shirt in the following pictures and a polarid pogo mini printer, boy did I have some fun with that!

In the evening we met up with everyone for a good old fashioned pub crawl around Idle!

Ben and Di made us a birthday cake, sooooo tasty!

Dave busting out one of his sexy faces, little did he know what I was going to do with this pic when his back was turned…

By the power of the pogo, Dave stickers appeared! the things only the size of a phone so it was no problem to carry it around. We had planned to do something irresponsible, take photo evidence, print it and leave it there for someone to find, but then getting drunk took priority.

So not to make him feel left out, we printed Dave a picture of us wearing pictures of him!

Ben and Steve pulling some awesome faces.

I’m feeling pretty worse for wear, so i’m guessing it was a good night! Either that or I really am just getting on and can’t handle my booze anymore! Thanks to all my friends for coming out and all the cards and pressies! :):):)

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  1. Marisa on 9 August, 2009 at (14:32)

    awww Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, isn’t that the one that used to have Thomas and Co mockups?
    Brings back childhood memories..ta for that..

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