Saltaire Boathouse… it’s back!

Posted in General on 12 August, 2009 (19:33)

Saltaire Boathouse... it's back!

Last April, I blogged about the tragic fire which wrecked one of Saltaires classic buildings and left it’s future in doubt. Well not anymore, it reopened today!

Taken in May.. it's come a long way!
Taken in May.. it’s come a long way!

I had originally planned to go down this evening but still being ill I just went down and had a quick nosey at lunchtime, and it looks great! It’s is no longer a pokey little place thanks to substantial refit and extension, i’d say the best new feature is the panels at the front can all open up which will be amazing if we ever get some nice weather.

Funky front panels
Funky front panels

Styles changed alot too, it’s now got alot more in common with the super stylish Don’t Tell Titus up in the village, and the food, oooo so good! Emma had fish and chips while I treated myself to a sauage and bacon buttie, not bad for my first proper bit of food in days!

Emmas fish and chips, massive portion!
Emmas fish and chips, massive portion!

And my sauage and bacon buttie, i've missed salad
And my sauage and bacon buttie, i’ve missed salad

Welcome back Boathouse! 🙂

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  1. SORU on 17 August, 2009 at (09:46)

    thanks for all the information about the wedding!!!! I hope everything will be so nice!!! And Congrats again!!!

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