World Heritage Status for Mt Fuji!

Posted in General on 28 June, 2013 (16:02)

World Heritage Status for Mt Fuji!
Last week, a UNESCO committee in Cambodia approved Mt Fuji, Japan’s national symbol for world heritage status! UNESCO added it as a cultural heritage site rather than a natural one, having taken into consideration the huge inspiration it’s been on artists and poets across the years. The listing also includes surrounding areas such as Miho no Matsubara pine forest – a popular Fujisan viewing spot. I was actually a little surprised to hear Mt Fuji didn’t already have world heritage status, but there you go.

It’ll be interesting to see how this affects the area, evidently people are flocking there in numbers usually only seen during Obon Week and new walking paths are planned near the 5th station, but will take a couple of years to complete. There’s also a rumour that a climbing charge could be introduced – as much as ¥7000 I’ve heard… which I suppose would control the number of climbers, and the money could go to improving facilities and taking care of the litter problem. However, when Emma and I climbed Mt Fuji last year(check out the pics here) we did it for charity and ¥14000 to climb would’ve eaten into what we raised considerably.

Anyway, Omedetou Fujisan!

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