The Great Lockon Stratos(Spoilers)

Posted in Gundam on 16 March, 2008 (10:48)

I plan on writing a full post on Gundam 00 when the first season finishes in 2 weeks time, but for now I just thought i’d write a quick post as the latest episode was all sorts of crazy. The biggest thing was Lockon Stratos, the show’s coolest character kicked the bucket.

Lockon’s the sharpshooter of the team, being a few years older than the other meisters he acts as their leader but also a big brother when required. Years ago his family were killed in a bombing but despite this he seems to be the least ‘damaged’ of the four Gundam meisters.

Poor Lockons had a bad few weeks, they almost killed him off a couple of episodes ago only to leave him blinded in his scope eye. The previews of this weeks episode made it look like Lockon was going to return to form piloting the Dynames, but sadly that was pretty short lived.

He really goes down fighting though, taking out more mobile suits than the other Gundams combined, and even when Dynames is too busted to use, Lockon hardwires his gun into the remains of one of the cannons from his GN arms and fires it while standing on top of it, pretty rockstar. It’s here where he meets his end thanks to a well placed shot from Ali Al Sarches, which blows the cannon to kingdom come taking Lockon right on with it.

The other meisters and the crew of the Ptolemaios only learn of Lockons fate when they hear Haro saying his name repeatedly over the comm channel which was sadder than you’d think. Of course this now raises the question ‘who will pilot Dynames?’ I really hope it won’t be Nena, can’t stand the evil brat.

RIP Lockon Stratos, you were awesome.

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