Tamama Robo Review

Posted in Gundam on 8 January, 2008 (14:04)

This is a snap-together kit from the series, Keroro Gunsou (Sgt Frog) which i’ve had for absolutely forever and have only just decided to put it together after really catching the Gunpla bug!

The series is completely insane, for those unfamiliar i’ve posted the intro below, pay special attention to the lyrics. Pure madness.

Anyway, this figure is of Private Tamama and his Robo, the youngest of Keroros invasion force, he’s insanely cute but also has a real crazy side! The figure is much simpler than your average Gundam kit but that totally matches thelook of this show and the articulation is still pretty good.The figure is about the same size as my HG Gundam Exia, so around the 12cm mark, but it’s adjustable legs mean it can stretch a bit higher. It comes armed with a missile pod(which can be switched from loaded to empty) and a huge blaster, each of which attach to either side of the robos head.

As with most model sets, stickers are included to add some detail but this figure definitely needs painting to finish it off. For instance, the feet are one solid block of colour, but if you look at the boxart they are actually supposed to be grey and blue.

The little Tamama figure that comes with the robo is well articulated, but be careful as it’s very flimsy! He can either be sat at the robos controls or displayed alone on a little stand that comes with the model. You also get 2 sets of eye stickers for him, one set being his normal cute big eyes, the second his crazy madman eyes!

My only complaint is the Robos legs seem to come loose from the hips quite easily, and every time I push them back on it feels like they’re one step closer to snapping off. Apart from that though it’s a really cool little model, and will look even better when the other 4 robos are standing with it! All 5 can actually connect together and make one huge Robo which looks a little odd to say the least(pictured below)

And here are a few pics of the completed kit, no painting or panel lining yet i’m afraid.

And now for the outro…

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