1/1 Gundam Returns this July, now with 100% more Beam Saber!

Posted in Japan on 19 March, 2010 (20:33)

1/1 Gundam with Beam Saber

Well if I ever needed a reason to start scrimping and saving every penny I have, there it is. The 1/1 RX-78 Gundam displayed previously in Shiokaze Park is on the way back with a new addition!

This time touching down at JR Higashi-Shizuoka Station, the ‘Real Grade’ unit sports a funky new beam saber(which will look awesome at night!) and will be on display from July 24th – January 10th, 2011.

As with last time, I doubt it’s going to disappear after this and fully expect it’s tour to continue, so if I don’t catch it this time, I will next time! Who knows, maybe it’ll have a beam rifle and shield and be sat atop Mount Fuji 🙂

Bandai’s press release

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  2. tony on 21 February, 2012 at (23:41)

    This 1/1 is so cool. I ordered the RG RX-78 1/144 off of the back of seeing this life-size version. Can’t wait.

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