Hanshin Tigers Week: Wednesday – Baseball Bar Toracy, Osaka

Baseball Bar Toracy, Osaka
Couldn’t get a Koshien ticket or the team is out of town? This should be your port of call!

Toracy is a great little Hanshin Tigers bar in downtown Osaka, on the west side of Dotonbori street. It’s been open for about 14 years and offers a nice welcoming atmosphere to watch the Tigers play and enjoy some food and drink.

Baseball Bar Toracy, Osaka Baseball Bar Toracy, Osaka
Inside, the place is full of baseball memorabilia, cards, bats, newspaper clippings and the like. Including counter seating there’s room for about 30 people. Naturally the main draw is to come and watch a baseball game, so the bar has TV’s dotted around meaning you always have a decent view – there’s a table charge of ¥1000 on game days.

Baseball Bar Toracy, Osaka Baseball Bar Toracy, Osaka
Their takoyaki(grilled octopus balls) are pretty famous, and so cheap! For ¥600 you get 20 – perfect with beer! The fun part is you cook it yourself, although that does make watching the game a bit tough! I’ve since got the exact same grill for use at home – my Christmas present from Emma 🙂

Baseball Bar Toracy, Osaka
Toracy does fill up quick, so on a big game day you’d be best off making a reservation or heading down for opening time. Being on Dotonbori you’re well placed to watch the celebrations if there’s a big win. There’s also karaoke if that’s your thing!


Update: Since this post was written Toracy has closed down.

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  1. 27/03/2015

    nice post, you are lucky to visit baseball memory place. I would also like to visit there.

    Baseball bats

    • 27/03/2015

      Thanks, it’s a great place! I recommend it!

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