Sangaria – “Vanilla Beer, butter flavour”

Sangaria - "Vanilla Beer, butter flavour"
Spotted this drink in a vending machine near my work today, it sounded awfully familiar…

Sangaria - "Vanilla Beer, butter flavour" Sangaria - "Vanilla Beer, butter flavour"
Produced by Sangaria, who are well known for various cheap soft drinks, this non-alcohol kid’s drink “Vanilla Beer, with butter flavour” is a fizzy soft drink that sells for ¥100 for a small bottle. It’s clearly a copy of…

Harry Potter World - Butterbeer Harry Potter World - Butterbeer
Butterbeer from Harry Potter! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal Studios Japan last year, boosting the popularity of the drink in Japan. Only available inside the Harry Potter area of the park, butterbeer is a sickly sweet drink with a similar colour to ale back in England, as well as the regular version they produce a frozen variety in summer(pictured) and a warmed one in winter time.

The Sangaria drink is ok… it’s not quite as sweet as the Harry Potter World Butterbeer, and has much more of a regular cream soda taste. Still though, if you can’t make it to the park and want to try a cheap equivalent, seek out a Sangaria vending machine!

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