Work finishes on Tokyo Sky Tree

Posted in Japan on 29 February, 2012 (20:37)

Work finishes on Tokyo Sky TreeAfter just under 4 years of construction, Tokyo Sky Tree – the new worlds tallest tower has reached completion.

Measuring in at a colossal 634 metres, the Sky Tree will relay television and radio broadcast signals, replacing the over 50-year old Tokyo Tower. As well as these practical applications, the tower will be open to the public, providing incredible views of the city from 2 viewing platforms.

The lower observation platform, or “Tenbo Deck” is 350 metres up(worth noting this is taller than Tokyo Tower in its entirety) and includes a stomach-churning glass floor for those brave enough. The higher observation deck, “Tenbo Kairo” sits at 450 meters, and will be completely enclosed in glass(sounds amazing!).

At it’s base the tower also boasts a complex containing 300+ shops, restaurants, office space and even a school! I’ve visited the construction area of the Sky tree a couple of times in’08 and ’09 so seeing this marvel finished will be fantastic. That amazing view will come at a price however, with the cost for an adult to visit the the 450m observatory being ¥3,000.

And don’t worry about Tokyo Tower – it’s become synonymous with the cities skyline, and will remain as a heritage attraction 🙂

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