Filling the Void Left by 00

Posted in Movies & TV on 6 April, 2008 (21:23)

Gundam 00 finished it’s first season run last week(review on the way), leaving us with an excrutiating 6 month wait before it returns to us. The gaps going to be a hard one to fill, but here’s how i’m doing it…

Code Geass

Sunrise studios other offering besides Gundam, Code Geass returns for it’s second season this week. The story is set in an alternate timeline, Japan has been invaded and renamed “Area 11” by a huge conquering bunch of bastards called Britannia. The main character is Lelouch, a student who we first see playing an aristocrat at chess and totally kicking his arse, this sets the scene of him being some kind of strategic genius.
On the drive back to class Lelouch encounters a truck crash and goes to assist. He meets a strange girl in the back of the truck who is promptly killed by Britannian security forces. Immediately after her apparent death she grabs his hand, taking him into a bizarre hallucination where she invites him to enter a “contract” and in exchange for accepting Lelouch is given the Geass, a power allowing him to force people to do his will. Using this power Lelouch sets out to destroy Britannia.

Keroro Gunsou

Been watching this series for forever, not alot happens really but watchingthe Keron invaders blunder through various invasion plans is fantastic viewing. Not to mention all the subtle references to other animes are great fun to seek out!

Macross Frontier

Just started this week, after being previewed late last year, amazing production values, don’t know a huge lot else, more to follow!

Turn A Gundam

I’m up to episode 25 of Turn A now, and it’s proving to be a bit of a chore compared to other Gundam . The show is set in a future where most technology has been lost, and an advanced race who live on the moon are trying to return to Earth forcibly. Our hero is Loran Cehack, a member of the Moonrace who loves the Earth and wants to defend it. The mech designs really don’t look great, and the story is taking a good while to get going, but I hear good things so hopefully the second half will pick up!

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