Star Trek Trailer

Posted in Movies & TV on 18 January, 2008 (20:43)

The trailer for the new Star Trek movie has surfaced on Youtube, it’s a little crappy on the quality side but you get the idea..

I have alot of faith in JJ Abrams, Lost is a pretty good show(steadily nosediving) and Mission Impossible 3 was far better than the Insane Mission Impossible 2 which lacked any sort of credibility. However this trailers pretty cack, why is the Enterprise being built on earth firstly? and whats with the dirty welders who are building it?! trek has always been this squeaky clean vision of the future not Hull: the next generation as this looks like!

If this is the shape of things to come then I don’t think this movies going to be any good, they’re screwing around with the source material too much. Just because it worked for Battlestar Galactica doesn’t mean it’ll work for Star Trek.

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