Den-Den town, Akiba of Kansai!

Posted in Otaku on 6 September, 2012 (14:30)

Den-Den town, Akiba of Kansai!
Osaka is a great city, since arriving back I’ve getting to know my new hometown. A big part of that for me was locating and checking out the otaku area!

Den-Den town is alternative name for the Nipponbashi area. It is considered to be Osaka’s equivalent of Akihabara, and the largest electronics district after Akiba – both districts are products of the postwar growth in Japan’s electronics industry. The name comes from the kanji for electricity, said twice (電電).

Den-Den town, Super Potato
Den-Den town, Yellow Submarine Den-Den town, Kotobukiya store
You’ll find many of the stores you see in Akiba here including Kotobukiya, Yellow Submarine and Super Potato, plus some Osaka exclusives like the fantastic Osaka Gundams!. There are also a number of tax and duty-free stores for visitors to grab deals in.

Den-Den town, Akiba of Kansai! Den-Den town, Akiba of Kansai!
If you’re in Osaka and want somewhere browse for figures, retro games and hit the arcades, Den-Den town is the spot!

Den-Den town, Akiba of Kansai!
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