Tilt-shift Osaka!

Posted in Photography on 12 September, 2012 (13:51)

Tilt-shift Osaka!
If you’ve visited my site before you’ll know I’m quite a fan of tilt-shift photography, however it’s been over a year since I last posted on the subject… so when one of my tilt-shift posts passed 3k pageviews recently, it inspired me to turn Osaka all toytown!

The photo above was taken in the Tamatsukuri area of Osaka, looking down onto the loop line(Osaka’s Yamanote equivalent).

Tilt-shift Osaka!
Okawa river, during the Tenjin Matsuri river parade

Tilt-shift Osaka!
Yodayabashi area

Tilt-shift Osaka!
Ebisunishi area, looking down from Tsutenkaku tower

Tilt-shift Osaka!
Dotonbori River, the low-angle limits the effect on this shot, but I still love the colours.

Tilt-shift Osaka!
Amerikamura area, taken from the Big Step building

Tilt-shift Osaka!
The southward view from Umeda Sky Building, looking towards Fukushima

Tilt-shift Osaka!
Another shot from the Sky Building, this time north towards Nakatsu

Tilt-shift Osaka!
Osaka Castle moat, the detailing on the walls and the water reflections really make the shot for me.

Tilt-shift Osaka!
Finally, a second shot from Tsutenkaku tower pointing southeast. All the greenery on the left is Tennoji Zoo, a bit too close to the highway if you ask me.

Hope you enjoyed seeing Osaka in minature!

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