So the Prime Minister visited my work today

Posted in Work on 22 October, 2009 (20:16)

So the Prime Minister visited my work today

Working for GMG Radio and being based at Real Radio Yorkshire you get used to famous people being on air, usually across ISDN but a fair few drop in too. Alexandra Burke, Alesha Dixon and JLS to name but a few recently. Despite that, when a rumor started this morning that Prime Minister Gordon Brown was on the way we didn’t really buy it, until he turned up…

Mr Brown appeared around 10am to conduct a live question and answer session on air. No sooner had his car stopped he was out and straight into the building, leaving his security team standing, and it wasn’t much longer before he was on the air. It sounded really good and is great for the station – luckily no complete freaks rang up!

He brought quite an entourage with him!
He brought quite an entourage with him! Police bikes, MI5, you name it. Interestingly he drives around in an X-Reg Jaaaaaag, thought he’d have the newest and best so that was quite surprising.

Sadly he didn’t do a tour of the station afterwards, and from what I understand he had a pretty full day in Yorkshire so I can’t really blame him. Too bad as we were going to ask him to switch on our desk Christmas lights!

And away he goes
And off he goes – a nice clear pic courteousy of Chris’ phone as my HTC hero has this annoying auto focus which ruins pictures.

Just another day in the office!

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2 Responses to So the Prime Minister visited my work today

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  1. Jamaipanese on 25 October, 2009 at (00:25)

    you say the head of your government?!?!?

    If I saw my PM i’d tackle him for the fun of it and for my 5 minutes of fame and many years in prison, in my defense I’d so I was actually trying to give him a hug. ^^

  2. James on 25 October, 2009 at (20:30)

    That would be classic 🙂 except the prison bit, that’d probably get old quick! We thought our Christmas light idea would be classic but I bet none of us would’ve had the guts to ask him!

    Sadly the PM didn’t visit my department – we’re on the 2nd floor and the recording studios are on the ground floor. It’s a pretty small building so a quick walk around wouldn’t have taken long but I think he had a million and one places to be that day.

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