Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe!

Posted in Gundam on 3 February, 2014 (14:42)

Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe!
Time for another bar visit, this time in the depths of a Zeon stronghold!

Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe! Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe!
Gundam Bar Axis(ガンダムバー アクシズ) is located in Sannomiya, probably the most happening area in Kobe. Until recently the bar it was in the KSM building but has since moved a block or so north to a smaller space in the Lion Building. As you enter, the bartender(and patrons) will greet you with an enthusiastic “Sieg Zeon!” – the famous salute of the Principality of Zeon, you’re expected to respond in kind 🙂

Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe!
Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe! Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe!
Inside, hundreds of Gunpla and figures of various sizes were dotted across the bar and around the store, Zeta Gundam was playing on a huge TV Screen at the end of the bar providing some classic Gundam entertainment. This new location is pretty compact, but the decor is nice and modern, with counter seating for around eight people.

Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe! Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe!
Much like Bar Nerv, the menu is full of food and drink named after characters and events from the show. Cocktails start at ¥650 and are graded by strength from C – SS. The drinks above from left to right are, “Zaku” “Colony drop” and “Unicorn” – don’t ask me what was in them but they all looked and tasted pretty good – I found the colour change in the Unicorn cocktail particularly cool. I also tried to order the “Zaku Pizza” but they weren’t serving food 🙁 Quite satisfied by our drinks, we paid the bill and headed off, sent on our way with one more “Sieg Zeon!”.

Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe! Bar Axis, Zeon bar in Kobe!
Bar Axis is pretty great if you’re a Gundam fan, there’s a high level of fan service and the drinks were fun, I’d certainly like to go back for some food sometime. It’s a bit far for a dedicated trip, but next time I’m in the area I may well drop by. (Japanese)
Kobe Shimoyamate-dori 2-17-10 Lion Building Sannomiya Hall 3F, there’s a ¥500 table charge per person.

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    Greg Cake-pie-pie. Normally, I always go with the pie, but there are _sooo_ many things that can go _way_ more wrong with pies than cakes – bad things. I’ve avoided dubious-looking pies at Lutheran basement carry-in dinners in favor of what was obviously a grocery-store-bought angelfood cake before. Yeah, I know the pies were baked by well-meaning Lutheran church-basement ladies, but oh, the colors…

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    Thanks, Vanessa! I remember Nick has some in his collection which you tried at the event. I’m glad you like the edt, I’m very much looking forward to B’s review of it tomorrow. Oh to be as cool as Patti! That will never happen to me (even in fancy dress), being the complete nerd that I am.

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