Hamburger pancakes at Elk, Osaka

Elk is a pancake store chain with a few locations here in Kansai. The menu is really varied, offering lots of delicious topping options including honey, berries and matcha, they also have some savory options, one of which I tried recently – the burger pancake!

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Considering it’s in Ameramura, it’s no surprise the store is full of funky decor and comfy chairs, in fact a few customers had fallen asleep after eating!

And here’s the burger pancake! Homemade burger in sauce between two unsweetened pancakes.

20140202-125139.jpg 20140202-125151.jpg
It definitely wins points with me for looks, what a great looking dish! On to tastes, the burger was pretty simple but had a good thickness and tasted like good quality meat.The sauce was a tomato and cheese mix, very tasty, and the salad definitely made for a healthier side than usual – although it was sprinkled with cheese and dressing… so maybe no so healthy, but better than fries! The pancakes themselves tasted delicious and not too sweet, the top one was branded with the store logo which was a nice touch. The burger was a little small looking, so I was a bit worried I’d run out of burger before I did pancake, but actually it was all pretty well balanced, I was stuffed by the time I finished!

There’s also a 3D latte artist who works at Elk Shinsaibashi on weekdays, but you have to pre-book for that, I’m hoping to go back for that sometime soon.

While not technically a burger, it’s close enough, and too tasty not to mention! 🙂

James: Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.


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