First Impressions: HG 1/144 GN-0000 00 Raiser

First Impressions: HG 1/144 GN-0000 00 Raiser

Still no sign of Red Frame, and i’m getting twitchy for a bit of gunpla so i’m delving into my last HG kit, the GN-0000 00 Raiser

As well as being my last current HG kit, this was the final kit I purchased last year on new years eve in Tokyo as I had a bit of extra suitcase space.

Not a fan.

I should probably mention i’m not the greatest fan of the 00 Raisers design, the wings are cool but the docking of the 0 Raiser’s body feels a bit tacked on to me and makes the whole unit a bit back heavy. I’m hoping this kit might change my mind!

Right let’s have a nosey at the kit itself!

Lovely runners!

Lots of runners! and a stand included too, nice! I’ve heard this kit was designed with posability in mind and some of these joint designs certainly look interesting to say the least.

Look at all the blades!

Just a few of the many blades that come with this one, i’m a little disappointed there’s only one beam saber blade though.

Plenty of foil stickers

Lots of foil stickers included. I’ll certainly use the eyes and the GN condenser decals. The others i’m going to try and dump and use paint instead. Looks like alot of parts on this kit have been merged together to improve stability and/or reduce production costs.

Merged parts

This for instance, the vertical fins are supposed to be yellow, but have been single molded into the v-fin. The yellow sticker attached would look absolutely cack, paintings a must. The red sticker is also for the red center bit of the fin, which has been molded clear for this kit, luckily I bought some clear red Tamiya paint not so long ago 🙂

GN Drive gaping holes

Finally, the GN drives are a little disappointing. They have these huge gaping holes in them which would really have some kind of vent or vernier in them, I’ll have to have a rummage and see what I can find to glue in there!

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  1. 13/03/2010

    Hi there – I stumbled upon this page via I’m not sure how you build your gunpla – build and paint as you go, or snapbuild first before deciding what kind of mods to use – but I thought I’d give you a heads up about the ‘gaping holes’ on the GN Drives. O Raiser’s wings connect to one of the gaps in the GN Drive [[the ‘lowest’ one; I’m not too sure how to explain it]], so I’d suggest leaving the filling of the gaps on the GN Drive as one of the later steps to take.

    I hope you enjoy the kit! Looking forward to its completion.

    • 13/03/2010

      Ah thanks for the heads up, that makes sense – I was wondering why they had less detail than the drives from the original 00 release.
      I usually paint and detail parts seperately unless the colour carries over multiple bits then I will connect them to ensure an even coat and so the edges match up! Decals I always leave until the kit is complete so I can get a better idea of where to place them 🙂

  2. rich

    those exia legs are a work of art, though the rest of the raiser leaves me a little cold. i prefer some of the quirkier 00 seed designs, like the tieren.
    be good to see a wip for this james.

    • 13/03/2010

      Ah the Tieren, long lost brother of the Zaku!(a personal fave) I have to agree with you, and if you think the Exia legs are good, just wait till you see what the 00 can do! WIP coming soon 🙂

  3. rich

    i think since your doing this and have already done a red frame i may tackle the zaku next.i’ll post a finished wip of the exia(its been done a few weeks!) and start in on the wip for a zaku.
    maybe we should start a uk chapter of the bakuc(i’m going to to enter this year with my first airbrushed gundam i hope)
    hmm, thats sparked a few ideas off in my head already.keep it up fella, looking forward to this one a lot

    • 15/03/2010

      Heh, a UK BAKUC division, wouldn’t that be something 🙂 don’t think i’ll ever get to thaty level so I look forward to living the dream through your kits!
      Definitely get building that Zaku, mines been awaiting construction since ’07 while I try and get a bit better at weathering

  4. rakman

    one beam saber blade?there are 2 gn beam saber blades isn’t?

    • 03/04/2010

      Yup I was clearly drunk when I wrote that, guess I was remembering the pathetic single-molded beam saber Exia came with 🙂

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