HG 1/144 GNR-010 0 Raiser – Review

HG 1/144 GNR-010 0 Raiser - Complete!

Part two of this three-parter covers 00’s support unit, the super sleek 0 Raiser!

The 0 Raiser’s main task is to dock with the 00 to stabilise it’s twin-drive system, but alone it’s still a capable fighter-type unit.

0 Raiser - Details
For it’s size, the 0 Raiser is an impressively detailed model, packing lots of panel lines and articulated parts into it’s diminutive form. It also had a real weight quality to it and never feels flimsy. I painted a couple of bits to avoid using foil stickers and the rest of the detailing comes from panel lining, this unit actually has much more scope for detailing than the 00 itself!

0 Raiser - Articulation
Being a fighter there really aren’t many points of articulation readily available compared to a bipedal Mobile Suit, but this kit still delivers. Each wing has a fin on the top and bottom which can pivot upward, the blue parts can also move up and down. The whole wing unit can also swing out to give a forward swept wing effect!

0 Raiser rear view
The final point of articulation is the rear of the unit which can release and fold under the body…

Like so...
…Like so! Wonder what that connecting pin that’s appeared is for, seriously I have no idea 🙂

0 Raiser - Weapons?
Hmm.. strictly speaking the 0 Raiser itself is one big weapon, but as far as physical weapons included with the kit, it falls pretty short as none are included. The GN Shields from the 00 can connect to the wings though which looks pretty funky.

Final Thoughts
Very pleasantly surprised by this kit, I assumed seeing as it’s a support unit and quite small it’d be of a fairly low quality and detail but it delivers on both big style!

In the third and final part of this review i’ll be checking out the 00 Raiser! Looking at how the 00 and Raiser combine and all the  extra weapons available!
00 Raiser Cometh

A few more pics for your enjoyment

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  1. rich

    quite like that little ship! i’d almost build it on its own if it was’nt so expensive.
    good reviews by the way, get building big red!

    • 03/04/2010

      Getting the 00 Raiser makes it a bit cheaper and you get all the extra weapons bundled in too!

      It’s almost like you read my mind, just posted my first Red Frame worklog!

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