Any’s Burger, Osaka

Posted in Japan on 13 February, 2013 (22:50)

Any's Burger, Osaka
I first discovered Any’s Burger way back in the summer, during my days exploring the streets of Osaka. I’ve been meaning to go ever since, continuously forgetting or putting it off until another day.

Huge mistake. Any’s Burger is fantastic, it’s up there with the best I’ve visited to date.

Any's Burger, Osaka Any's Burger, Osaka
The store is pretty cosy, with seating for about eight people downstairs and a private area for maybe eight more on the second floor. It’s full of random Americana, old signs, surfboards and toy cars to name just a few – it’s got a really cool feel to it and there’s plenty to look at while you wait for your order.

Any's Burger, Osaka
I went for a regular-sized cheeseburger set and a can of ginger ale(1100 Yen), what I got was a tower of omnomnom! Doubles are available but that would be one serious challenge! The store owner waited patiently as I snapped a picture of my lunch then assisted me in putting my burger into a paper holder – most burger places over here use them so your hands don’t get dirty. First bite, wow! The burger was great quality steak topped with a mildly spicy sauce, awesome. A generous order of sliced fried potato wedges were included in the set price, very tasty also. So what was in that wide, toasted bun?

  • Fresh, tender steak burger
  • Cheese
  • Fried onion
  • Lettuce
  • Sliced pickles, which had a very ginger-like taste
  • Something else a little hard to identify, maybe sliced turnip?!
  • That yummy spicy sauce

Quite a list of ingredients, making for a very unique but messy burger! I was very thankful for that hand holder 🙂 As mentioned before this was one of the finest burgers I’ve had anywhere, and the store itself is an interesting place to look around.

James: Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.Nom.

Emma: Nom.


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