Christmas convini chicken tested!

Christmas convini chicken tested!
Tis the season to eat chicken, falalala…

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had a nice day and got loads of great stuff!

Christmas convini chicken tested! Christmas convini chicken tested!
Fried chicken is the meal of choice on Christmas day in Japan, largely due to the scarcity of turkey plus a huge advertising campaign from KFC back in the 70’s. It’s so popular that pre ordering is essential! Luckily, all convenience stores sell chicken too, sometimes setting up little stalls outside for easy pick up. But which is best? I decided to find out!

Christmas convini chicken tested!
I picked up chicken from the four big chains in my area Lawson, Family Mart, Sunkus and 7-Eleven, my highly detailed and scientific results follow:

Seven Eleven

Christmas convini chicken tested! - Seven Eleven
Cheapest of the bunch, the seven eleven chicken is a fried cut rather than a drumstick like the rest of this list. They had larger fried legs for around ¥380 but I figured I should stay in a similar price range to the others.

This one had nice crisp skin, and the taste was good but it was so so fatty and greasy, literally dripping. Didn’t finish it!
4/10 – Price: ¥150


Christmas convini chicken tested! - Sunkus
Pretty tasty! Crunchy, nicely spiced, similar to KFC if that’s your thing.
6/10 – Price: ¥170


Christmas convini chicken tested! - Lawson
Yum, well battered(if a bit patchy) but tasted great and was very moreish. Maybe lightly spiced, tasted a bit like sage to me. Little bit stringy though.
8/10 – Price: ¥180

Family Mart

Christmas convini chicken tested! - Family Mart
The winner! Looks the best by far, great crispy batter, spiced and good quality chicken. This is the one to get, and copius amounts of it too!
9/10 – Price: ¥180

Japanese Christmas Cake
And you can’t have Christmas dinner without cake! It’s a bit different over here, instead of the heavy fruit cake we get in the UK, Japanese Christmas cake is light and fluffy, usually covered in icing and decorations. As with the chicken they can be picked up at a convenience store, either from a stall or in store. Try and pick one up in the evening on Christmas Day and you might just get a nice discount, my cake was 50% off!

Japanese Christmas Cake
Chocolate Bomb! From Lawson!

Japanese Christmas Cake
It’s so good. Merry Christmas!

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