Contemplating ON Mt Fuji


I probably won’t be able to publish this until I’m back in Tokyo but what the hell 🙂

Currently its 19.24pm and I’m 3,400m up in the Hachigome Tomoekan, one of the 8.5 stations on the Yoshida trail of Mt Fuji. We’re about to settle down for 6 hours sleep, completing our ascent early tomorrow morning in time for sunrise.

It’s been a real slog so far, we set off from the 5th station at 12 and arrived here about 18.30. I’ve certainly found it harder than Emma has, she’s been a powerhouse! We have been taking things easy, it’s not a race after all 🙂 Up until the 7th station things were pretty straightforward, steep but manageable, after that it was rock scrambling all the way up to the 8th stations. From then on to where we are now was very loose ground which made finding your footing a real challenge.

Hachigome Tomoekan is nice, we had a curry rice and burger dinner in the communal area, and have moved into the sleeping area which is cramped to say the least. Just as well it’s not a full house being the start of climbing season!

NHK are here filming currently too which is a bit random.

Sleepy time now. Hopefully the curry and a nap will recharge my batteries!

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