Craft beer in Osaka – Beer Belly

Craft beer in Osaka – Beer Belly
Osaka has a really strong craft beer scene, I’ve visited various bars including QBrick and Molto but I’ve been hoping to check out one of the Minoh Brewery Beer Belly bars for a while. There are currently three of these in Osaka, this particular one is the Higobashi branch, which happens to be the original.

Craft beer in Osaka – Beer Belly
Craft beer in Osaka – Beer Belly Craft beer in Osaka – Beer Belly
Inside, the beer pumps and random British stuff clash a little with the bar’s otherwise traditional interior, but the place has a nice relaxed vibe to it. Visiting on a quiet Monday evening meant we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I was super impressed to see Sarson’s vinegar for the first time in a year!

Craft beer in Osaka – Beer Belly
I had two pints, ¥1000 each. The first was an IPA(my favourite) and secondly an Imperial Red Ale, both were fantastic – just what I needed on a hot summer evening. I have pints of Kirin occasionally in The Hub(a British style pub chain), but it’s been a good while since I’ve had two pints of proper ale, very happy! There’s also a great looking food menu, which includes some Japanese fusion dishes plus UK pub food like Fish & Chips and Shepherds Pie! I definitely want to go back and try some grub sometime, the Tenma branch is closer to home so I’ll probably go there.

The closest station to Beer Belly is Higobashi station(west exit 3), it’s open from 5pm – 11pm excluding Sunday’s and public holidays.

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  1. Richard

    Sounds cool, didn’t know there was a micro brewery scene over there. Do they have stuff similar to what we would consider ale? Also are they into the summer cider?

    • 24/07/2013

      Absolutely, Minoh brewery is great!

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