Eating out, Yatai style!

Posted in Japan on 23 August, 2012 (17:52)

Eating out, Yatai style!
Today was our final day in Fukuoka, and also of our travelling time – from next week we’ll be settling in Osaka and getting back into the work routine. So tonight, we treated ourselves to a meal out – literally!

Eating out, Yatai style!
Yatai(屋台) are small, mobile food stalls, which serve dishes including yakitori, oden and ramen. They pop up on the streets in the early evening and stay open as late as 2am. While you’ll see Yatai in most Japanese cities, they’re a well known sight in Fukuoka, and considered a symbol of the city, to not eat at one would really be missing out.

Eating out, Yatai style! Eating out, Yatai style!
This stand was by itself on Kokutai-Dori, not far from Kushida Shrine. It was the perfect spot to enjoy some food and beer on a hot summers night. The stand was adorned with business cards of previous visitors(including a PHD heart surgeon’s) plus some foreign currency, there was even a TV to watch so we didn’t miss out on the variety show madness. Food items were between 150 and 200 yen each, and everything we had was great, I’d recommend the okra bacon!

Eating out, Yatai style!
It was really nice way to finish our time in Fukuoka, and also reminisce on the past 2 months of adventuring.

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