Japan 2008 – Day 2 – Exploring Kyoto

Nihon - Day 2 - Exploring Kyoto

So today we did some exploring in Kyoto, mainly in the Southern Higashiyama area.

Firstly we headed to Shoren-In, a beautiful little temple which people generally miss so it was nice and quiet! we spent a good while here walking the temple rooms and fantastic landscape garden.


The beautiful gardens at Shoren-In

Inside Shoren-In

Next we headed down towards Maruyama-Koen – a large park which is always bustling. Beyond here the area started to build up a little, with loads of little shops on every street and the occasional Geisha walking around.

Down towards Maruyama-Koen


After a bit of exploring the shops and wimping out on trying a few foods(we did go back later and try them though!) we headed to Kiyomizu Dera, a massive temple complex, nested in the hills to the East. Amazing place with great views, we also made some friends here! a Japanese couple asked me in English to take a picture of them and afterwards asked for one with me and Emma! I think the guy was called Himori, he and his lady friend were on a day trip from Tokyo, really nice people!

Kiyomizu Dera

Kiyomizu Dera - very busy!

Kiyomizu Dera - amazing views

Once we’d finished up here we headed back through the small shops, purchasing a few bits on the way. Cinnamon hard biscuits – apparently cinnamon is a very traditional Japanese flavour, woohoo!! After this we decided to head to Downtown Kyoto via Ishibei-koji – widely agreed to be Kyotos most atractive street.

Heading back through all the cute food shops

Ishibei-koji - widely agreed to be Kyotos most atractive street

We spent ages taking in the shops, covered arcades and department stores, even got a bit of time to head to a games arcade and play an old Gundam game! 🙂

Downtown Kyoto

Me and my hero! on the roof of Hankyu department store

Exploring the covered shopping arcades - got some tasty chicken here!

Gundam DX Arcade - Kept me going until i rocked the Senjou pods!

Tried to liberate some Rilakkuma's

Tried to liberate some Rilakkuma’s, sadly I was unsuccessful. Yuka Nakajima would be disappointed.

Music and drinks in the Hotel Bar

Our evening ended with some drinks in the hotel bar, overlooking the random man made waterfall they’ve placed at the front windows! There was live music in the form of a Pianist and Flute player which was really nice. When they’d finished their set they came around to say thank you to everyone for listening and fervently refused any tips they were offered. Great way to end a great day.

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