Nagoya Castle Summer Festival

Posted in Japan on 14 August, 2012 (01:38)

Nagoya Castle Summer Festival
The Nagoya Castle Summer Festival takes place over ten days in early August. It has all your matsuri favourites including games, beer and snacks plus a number of performance stages featuring bands, plays and comedy performances.

Nagoya Castle Summer Festival Nagoya Castle Summer Festival
Considering the name, you won’t be surprised to hear its held within the castle grounds. After general admission finishes for the day, the stalls open, hundreds of lanterns switch on and everyone shuffles in again for the party. It’s not often the grounds are open after 5pm, and the castle stays open too so it’s a great chance to see this beautiful building up close when its illuminated and get a panoramic view of evening Nagoya from the top floor.

Nagoya Castle Summer Festival Nagoya Castle Summer Festival
My personal highlight of the evening has to be the 360-degree performance stage, and the moment the whole crowd were dancing in unison to the very catchy “Guts!!” (カッツ) by Kame & LNK 🙂

Entry is from 5pm until 9pm (close time is 9.30pm) and costs 800yen for an adult. However, you get 100yen off if you come dressed in yukata!

Nagoya, you throw quite a party!

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