Japan 2008 – Day 7 – Harajuku, Akihabara & Shinjuku

So yeah… Fuji-San didn’t happen but it’s ok as that’s something for next time! 🙂

First stop today – Harajuku! We strolled down Takeshita Street, stopping in a few shops along the way including a funky 100yen shop, Closet Child and Pet Paradise – a dog clothes shop (i’m sorry Pickles) at the bottom of the street we turned right and went towards LaForet where many of Em’s fave brands have stores.

Carrying on down towards Omtesando we stopped in Kiddyland! still a great store but I didn’t buy as much as last year – think i’m saving myself for Gunpla!

Stopped off at Wolfgang Pucks on Takeshita Street for a yummy lunch.

Next stop, Akiba! finally got to try out a Gundam Pod! so so cool.

It costs 300yen for your Pilot Card – this holds all your data and gets reprinted with new info including team logo every time you insert it into a pilot terminal. Games cost 500yen and consist of 2 250second battles. I’ve joined the federation and am piloting an RGM-79.

The 2 stick controls act very much like a tank, both forward moves you forward, left down right up goes left etc. Pedals do boost and jump respectively and joystick buttons are shoot on right trigger, lockon right top button, secondary weapon to top left button(beam saber usually) and use secondary weapon on left trigger. Mashing both triggers fires your support weapon, headcannon for me. Came 1st both games though so not off to a bad start!!!

Suitably hyped from Gundam fun, we headed to Yodobashi where I invested in the MG Unicorn and some supplies, he looks so shiny can’t wait to build him!

After this we headed back to Shinjuku to explore our local area. Stopped off in Donki Kingdom – not quite as good as the Osaka store but still fun. Looked round a few more shops whilst heading back in the general direction of the hotel and happened upon this place – the Dubliners Irish Pub. We couldn’t resist going in for a drink and it was really fun – authentically grimey!

These posts seem to be getting a bit shorter now we’re in Tokyo, we’re still having an amazing time but obviously as this is our second time here and we’re not doing much touristy stuff there’s not the most to write!

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