Remembering my first trip to Japan – Day Four

Remembering my first trip to Japan – Day Four
Day four and we ventured out of central Tokyo to some pretty groovy places…

First stop, Mitaka and the Studio Ghibli Musuem.  It was pretty amazing to see a lifesize Laputa robot, and the Museum itself had lots to offer too – not to mention the ton of Money we spent in the shop!

On the way back to the station we stopped off at a small dog boutique, buying Pickles a couple of cute collars. Next stop, Tama-Center and Sanrio Puroland! We arrived quite late so I opted to wait outside while Emma went and looked in the shop. As I was waiting an older lady came over and started speaking to me in Japanese, gesturing a ticket towards me. After a very broken attempt at apologising she responded with “Presento!” – she was offering me the ticket! Looking back I cringe at my response, I smiled and politely(as best I could) declined and we both went our separate ways. To this day I hope I didn’t offend her attempt at a kind gesture to a silly foreigner.

Heading back to Shinjuku, we got a little lost exiting on the far side of the station, but the walk around was anything but boring. The evening ended as most did, with me dragging Emma into Akiba to play games and stock up on Gashapon.

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