Remembering my first trip to Japan – Day Two

Day two we started as we meant to go on, getting up at the crack of dawn to cram as much into one day as possible. Despite being the end of October it was a really nice day, so I insisted we walked from the hotel to our first destination – the Imperial Garden…

…turns out this was the one day it was closed, thanks cheap guidebook for not noting that. Oh well the walk was nice, taking us down through the sportsware district. We made our way to the nearest subway station and headed over to Shinjuku..

The shot I’ve picked for today is a simple street scene in Shinjuku, still can’t get over the amount of signs, it’d take a whole day to explore all of these places, let alone the entire district! The area we were staying in was pretty quiet, so this was our first taste of the crazy bustling metroplis that comes to mind when you think of Tokyo.

Remembering my first trip to Japan – Day Two

Afterwards we headed to Harajuku, walking down to Omotesando and Kiddyland. After dark we headed to Tokyo tower to take in the views, and of course later on I dragged Em into Akiba for some late night arcade goodness 🙂

Better try and get in that garden again tomorrow 🙂

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