Tested: Garigari-Kun “Rich” – Napolitan Flavour

Tested: Garigari-Kun "Rich" - Napolitan Flavour
Ever wondered what’d be like to freeze spaghetti and then eat it? Let me answer that question for you!

Continuing my weird food adventure week which started with those delicious pudding Kit Kats, today I sampled something slightly less delicious. Garigari-Kun ice lollies(I refuse to use the word popsicle – it’s silly) are a famous shaved ice snack which has been around for over 30 years. I’m a big fan of the standard soda flavour and the ¥62 price makes them a really affordable way to stay cool in the summer.

Tested: Garigari-Kun "Rich" - Napolitan Flavour Tested: Garigari-Kun "Rich" - Napolitan Flavour
Enter… this thing, limited edition Garigari-Kun flavours are pretty common, usually staying relatively sane – but Napolitan? What’s that? Napolitan(named after the city of Naples) is a popular pasta dish in Japan, a very home-grown take on Italian food usually containing a tomato-based sauce, with onions, peppers and meat. Thankfully this snack kept it simple, only containing the sauce and frozen chunks of tomato gelatin.

Tested: Garigari-Kun "Rich" - Napolitan Flavour
The Napolitan ice itself was actually ok, fairly sweet, but every time I came across a bit of tomato gelatin things got weird… to put it into context, the soda Garigari’s never last long enough for me, this one I was struggling to finish.

These weird food mashups usually end with me coming to the same conclusion – not bad, not good, just weird… and this is certainly two food styles which never should’ve met, I’ll be sticking to the soda flavour or making red wine kakigori again this summer!

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