Tuesday Time-lapse: Dotonbori river and neon signs!

I make tons of time-lapses, so I may as well share them! So Every Tuesday I’ll be posting one here. First up, we have Dotonbori in down town Osaka, famous for bright neon and animatronic signs, most notably the Glico Running Man. I regularly stop by here to people watch on my way home from work.

Shot on my iPod touch 5th gen using a muvi x-lapse for motion 🙂 I think I overdid the tilt shift blur a bit, I’ll correct that next time.

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  1. 25/02/2015

    Hey looks cool, yeah a tad to much blur but looks cool. What happened to the Stargate? Have they got rid of it?

    • 26/02/2015

      It’s still there! Just hidden by some of that tilt-shift 🙂 had the blur ramped up from a higher angle video I tried doing, oh well!

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