HG 1/144 MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame – Review

It’s not a PG I know, but this kit crams alot of awesome into a 1/144 kit!

Obviously being a HG kit the number of actual pieces are minimal, and alot of parts – especially the legs and scabbard suffer for this due to their intricate detailing so I would say painting is essential. Pic of an unpainted kit borrowed from dalong.net (hope he doesn’t mind!) as an example.

As far as designs go this is one of my favourite Gundam, the panelling only covers key areas(similar to a Samurai’s armour), especially on the legs revealing inner mechanics and exposed boosters giving it a much cooler look than UC designs where panels mostly cover all. A set of foil stickers are included and included stickers for the 2 red bits on the front skirt which I threw away and painted instead!

I have to say this kit did cause me alot of stress, being so small and fiddly it was really hard to get the painting perfect, and the colours didn’t help, paint white onto red plastic took many many coats! Very worth it for the finished article though.

Minimalist panelling gives this unit some great articulation, allowing you lots of cool poses with its massive sword! The booster pack is attached to a moving arm allowing it to pivot up and down which is cool but largely pointless. Shoulder joints are quite different, connecting outside the torso and then attaching to the arm via another polycap allowing some pretty varied movement of the arms. My only complaint is the scabbard can fall off easily though and sometimes astray acts drunk and falls over all the time :S

2 x Beam sabers, the saber core parts have more detail than standard cores at the base where they meet the hilt. This makes them look cooler and as if they’re exploding with energy

Beam Rifle – Pretty standard Seed Universe beam rifle with a nifty metallic green sticker for the scope,

Gerbera Straight – Best for last! Red frames massive Katana comes molded in a single solid piece of silver plastic – painting essential to finish it the look! The scabbard comes in 2 pieces and also needs a fair bit of red & gold paint to get the authentic colour scheme.

More pics below, i’m yearning for the PG now! one day… one day…

In other awesome Gundam news, the 1/1 Gundam in the bay is almost complete! Pics at dannychoo.com

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  1. jo

    i have tryed to buy this model fore a while and i cant find it
    what web sit did you get it from?

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