HG 1/144 RX-78GP01Fb – Review


Completed this kit a good while ago(so much so i’m quite far into my next kit!) and I have taken absolutely forever to bother taking some piccies. But anyway, here we are! GP02 now has someone to square up to!

Clicky through for review!


As with the GP02, this model is lovely and detailed. Panel lining was quite tricky as it’s alot smaller than the GP02. The arms especially had alot of points I thought would benefit from a bit of lining, my own fault for getting carried away really!

This model did require a bit more painting than usual, the yellow chest booster section came as 2 solid molded pieces, so I had to apply some red paint inside the boosters with a cocktail stick and then colour them in with a Gundam Pencil. The beam rifles targeting reticule needed painting red also and there were some fiddly bits on the shoulders when it came to painting the tri-boosters!

I must say I love the legs on this model! The styling is awesome, like some futuristic take on flares! The skirts above the feet forward and back both move and contain hidden boosters. Those stupid grey bits you can see on the shins had to be glued in place however, looking at the instructions they should’ve fit flush in these little holes but either they or the holes weren’t cut right so they stick out a little bit but it’s far from the end of the world.


Articulation isn’t bad, the shoulder joints are a bit funny and tend to come loose or even fall off altogether when you try and angle the blue bit too high, the legs are brilliant and provide a nice and sturdy base for this very bottom-heavy kit. THe units hands are a bit rubbish, pose his arm to low with his gun and he’ll drop it, same goes for the shield – main reason why i’ve mounted it to his foream in all the pics. The main boosters on the backpack move in just about any angle you could want and are nice and secure to boot!


2 x Beam saber handles – As mentioned in my GP02 review the GP01FB comes with a single hard modled white beam saber which needs painting for full effect. (Working on a fix for this)

Beam Rifle – Comes in 5 single-colour parts, targeting reticule needs painting red to finish it off!

There is a Core Fighter included but I haven’t bothered with that yet.

Here are some shots of GP’s 01 and 02 together displayed in a new flash image viewer i’m developing. It’s quite static at the moment but the plan is to build in XML functionality to bring in the pics and eventually captions also. Comments on this would be most welcome! Do you find it nice and easy to use? are the pics big enough or do you prefer super huge pics when browsing? Oh and yes, that is Exias beam saber in the pics, i’m such a cheat 🙂

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