HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 30th – Review

HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 30th - Complete!

My first (complete) build since returning from Japan is Amuros Ray’s signature unit. Modelled after the 1/1 Odaiba Gundam it’s an awesome little HG Kit!

As this is modelled after a full-size interpretation of the original design, this kit is packed with panel lines, PACKED. And despite only being comprised of two runners you never feel like quality has been compromised.

Front and Back

Panel-lining really completes the look. I also spent a bit of time painting grey parts with a gunmetal colour. Joints and other exposed mechanics I also detailed with gold and silver Gundam markers to match the colour scheme of the 1/1.

Detail closeup

I went for a battered look with this kit, trying to make it look like it’s seen alot of action during the one-year war. Sanded some of the gunmetal painted parts in places to add a scuffed and totalled look to them. Also scuffed and added some silver to the chest too so it looks like it’s lost some paint due to damage. The kit only came with a couple of foil stickers for the eyes and other teeny details, so I wimped out and used them this time…

All the joints of this kit are really simple, but totally work. Unlike my GM Sniper whose joints are too loose, this kit feels nice and steady, and has more than enough strength in it to support any of it’s arsenal of weapons provided.  Posings never a problem either thanks to the simple design of the kit. Aside from the limbs the skirts are articulated to assist leg movement and the body pivots at the waist and just below the shoulders for that extra bit of posability.

Steady and posable

This thing comes fully loaded! The classic beam rifle and shield, a hyper bazooka, Gundam Hammer and 2 beam saber handles. A single piece beam saber handle and blade is included also which needs painting a manly pink colour. I really like the MG RX-78 Gundam Ver 2.0’s two-tone hyper bazooka so I’ve sprayed mine from this kit to match. Again I gave the gunmetal grey parts a paint and sanding for a distressed look.


Love this kit, and it must’ve gone down well as an insanely big 1/48 version is in the works too! I just hope this isn’t the closest I get to the full-size version.

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A few more shots below, enjoy!

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    • 10/02/2010

      Thanks! I usually get a bit stuck for ideas so a couple are inspired by shots from the manual 🙂

  1. 17/02/2010

    This is so cool i heard they were making a PG verion of this aswell!!

    • 17/02/2010

      There are a couple of gigantic variations of this kit coming out, first is a 1/60 resin statue – exclusive to Amazon Japan, and then there’s the the mega sized 1/48 version which component-wise looks pretty much identical to this kit which probably explains the pricetag! I had heard rumblings of a 1/60 kit of the OYW version but can’t find anything about it now 🙁

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