MG MBF-P02KAI Gundam Astray Red Frame – Arm

MG MBF-P02KAI Gundam Astray Red Frame รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Arm

I’ve bodged a connection between my phone and laptop to tide me over until Saturday, so here’s a Red Frame update, construction of an arm!

P1110245 copy
Lots of pieces for this one, hopefully it’ll be nice and mobile but without compromising stability so it can wield the tactical arms properly.

Pretty standard mod of separating the three fingers

Pretty standard mod of separating the three fingers, these need painting white across the tops too which will undoubtably be a bloody nightmare!

Completed minus armour

Here’s the completed arm minus armour and hand. Love the detail on this and how it builds up over multiple pieces, the elbow feels a little restrictive though and the top part which connects to the body can come lose quite easily. Fingers crossed the shoulder armour provides this some more strength.

Completed arm

And the completed arm with attached armour plates and hand, I’ve said it before but I love the minimalist plating on this unit! The forearm piece near the elbow is attached to it’s own pivot point so it moves independently of the forearm, never exposing the elbow joint. It’s just a little thing but it really showcases the thought they put into these Master Grades!

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    • 15/04/2010

      Should be soonish, I just need some decent gold paint for the Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce!

  1. rich

    that a good looking arm fella!
    its gonna need an enamel wash to bring out that detail to the best , but it looks ace. nice to see your attempting a few mods of your own as well.
    keep em coming

    • 15/04/2010

      Indeedy! These WIPS are literally straight builds and impressions, after i tear em apart, line with a gundam pencil and will then topcoat with a nice matte spray. Enamel washes sound a bit advanced for me, splitting fingers I can do though ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. rich

    nothing to enamel washes fella.
    varnish the bot, mix 95% lighter fluid or turps/5%black and paint it on. then remove excess with ear bud soaked in lighter fluid/turps and the jobs a lined one!

    • 15/04/2010

      Aaah yeah i’ve seen people in Hobby Japan do that now you mention it! Have you ever done any shadowing? I really want to learn that

  3. rich

    will probabyl try some with the new air brush.pre shading looks fairly easy, but then again doesnt everything!

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