MG MBF-P02KAI Gundam Astray Red Frame – Head

MG MBF-P02KAI Gundam Astray Red Frame - Head

More progress on big red, this time putting together the noggin!

I continue to be impressed by this MG, the detailing and engineering is fantastic. The head’s made of a good few parts and some clever design on Bandais part mean all that cumbersome painting I encountered with the HG is not needed here, awesome!

Parts for the head

All the parts for the head, loving the clear green bits, too bad they get covered by stickers.

The head minus armour plating

The head minus armour plating, those eye stickers were a sod to get in place

Carefully applying the decals...

Carefully applying the decals…

And done!

And done! Looks awesome. Despite having more parts than a High Grade I feel this build is moving far quicker and smoother, perhaps because you don’t need to do as much painting and finishing or maybe i’m just excitied to get this one finished…

Quite enjoying writing the worklogs in this format too, following the building of each individual bit gives a better overall look at the kit instead of just reviewing at the end!

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  1. rich

    oooh, now that superb looking! those eyes look really cool,though i may have been tempted to paint the backs with silver to reflect more light,but thats just cause i’m anal!
    Superb build log as well,keep it coming as its looking good so far , so i cant wait to see more.Stop on over to my spot to see the next stage as well, ive adopted your style(with multiple stages) ,but im trying to detail more of the mods ive done as well.

    Ive searched for other uk gunpla nuts and at the moment it looks like the pair of us are the only ones blogging .
    We may have started something here fella!!

    • 06/04/2010

      That’s a cool idea but i’ve opted to use the foil sticker for this one as the eyes are teeny and painting would be a nightmare, only succeeded painting eyes on my 1/100 Strike so far..
      Glad you’re enjoying the log, i’ve kind of changed my format a bit, writing about each build section as per the manual, gives a much deeper overall look at the kits I build and should help me write better overall reviews too.
      Looking forward to seeing your Zaku mono-eye in action, sounds like a sweet mod! Looking at my page stats i’m not surprised there aren’t many of us 🙂 a few from the UK more just post on I think

  2. rich

    seems a shame more dont post , then again its a curiously “asian” hobby i think.
    still i’m not knocking it.
    i prefer your new style,its simple to look at ngee khiong et al and see finished figures , but i love to see how people got to that state in the first place,especially if it was through a lot of hard work!
    keep it up pal.

    we may need to meet one day, be a shame not to swap ideas in person one day over a coffee?

    • 07/04/2010

      Country of origin and all I suppose, and the price doesn’t make it a cheap hobby, I guess i’m lucky i’ve been able to go to Japan so often and load up the suitcase 🙂
      A meet sounds like a cool idea to me! I find I think best with the help of the Amber Nectar though 🙂

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