MG MBF-P02KAI Gundam Astray Red Frame – Waist Unit

Posted in Gundam on 3 April, 2011 (16:18)

Gundam Astray Red Frame – Waist Unit, pieces

Finally back working on Red Frame! This weekend I’ve built the wasit unit, not the most exciting part but critical nonetheless.

Gundam Astray Red Frame – Waist Unit, pieces

A fair amount of pieces for such a small part of the mobile Suit, I found it quite surprising each leg peg contains 4 pieces, but as with the other joints on this kit it’s very sturdy thanks to it. Loads of internal detailing as usual, the skeletal style of Red Frame leaves more of this on show than most kits but alot does still get hidden away.

Gundam Astray Red Frame – Waist Unit, partially completed

Partially completed. The front and side skirts connect using the ball joints to allow maximum movement.

Gundam Astray Red Frame – Waist Unit, front view

And the completed wasit unit, front view…

Gundam Astray Red Frame – Waist Unit, rear view

And rear view.

Wow, I’ve just realised it’s a year to the day since I posted my first worklog for this unit! I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these kits and rushing just isn’t an option. Now the clocks have changed over here the evernings are alot brighter so hopefully i’ll be able to finish this one off in the coming weeks.

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  1. suicidal on 29 April, 2011 at (19:23)

    hey fella , looking good. its a monster of a kit(ive got the 1/144 version and thats bad enough!)
    should be able to get back to posting on your other site soon, now that lifes somewhat back to normal
    keep at it, it looks cool , cant wait to see it finished!

    • James on 3 May, 2011 at (08:09)

      Cheers man! Can’t believe how long it’s taking me, quite disgraceful really 🙂

      Nice to see you back online, I wouldn’t worry too much about Gundam Factory, it really hasn’t caught on and there are other much more appealing sites now like and MAC forums.. I’ll keep it running for another year or so but we’ll see eh 🙂 Think I’m going to try and rework it so posting is simpler for people who don’t know WordPress all that well – another thing I need to find time to do!

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