8bit cafe, Tokyo

8bit cafe
Tokyo is home to many theme Cafes, and I think I have a new favourite!

As the name suggests, 8bit cafe is dedicated to classic gaming, with shelves packed full of old consoles, peripherals and books. This isn’t some stuffy museum though; after ordering you’re welcome to have a rummage around and play around with anything you find. Highlights for me were the Powerglove, an original Gameboy with all the ridiculous addons and an original Famicom!

There’s an extensive food menu and cocktail list available, be aware there are no English translations but the friendly staff will help as much as they can(we opted for cocktails only as we’d just eaten at Tendon Tenya anyway). My first drink was the “Doctor Mario” served in a Pyrex beaker and accompanied by a test tube containing 2 tablet shaped sweets, amazing! I followed this up with the “Metroid” which was green and pretty strong!

8bit cafe - Doctor Mario 8bit cafe - Metroid
The drinks were fantastic as was the atmosphere so I’d recommended checking it out. 8bit cafe is located in Shinjuku San-Chome, on the 5th floor of the Q building. It’s pretty well hidden so keep your eye out for the little sandwich board on the street, although the flashing sign for the sex shop 2 floors below is more likely to catch your eye. Every visitor pays a ¥500 table charge and the cocktails start at ¥700.

Check out their site for opening times

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  1. 28/06/2012

    This looks awesome! The lack of translation is what frightens me most about Japan but that’s just pure English ignorance and really there’s no excuse haha! It may not be a retro game, but I hope there were some Minecraft references in there 😉

    • 29/06/2012

      Sadly no Minecraft references that I saw 🙁

      It is a bit daunting when you go somewhere with no English info whatsoever, but that’s really rare. Every station has plenty of clearly marked English signs and most restaurants have visual menus so you can break out the universal language of point 🙂 You’ve travelled way more than me though so you probably already know that 🙂

      Anyway, book a ticket!

  2. 28/06/2012

    Looks well good over there James. Well jealous. Always wanted to go to Japan.

    Good luck over there, hope it all works out for you.

    • 29/06/2012

      Cheers mate, can’t recommend it enough! If you get the chance, go!

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