Back in Tokyo!

Shinjuku street
Nearly 12pm on our second day here, I think we’ve semi-successfully beaten the jetlag – I didn’t get any sleep on the plane though so yesterday I was walking around in a bit of a daze, passing out after around 32 hours awake, ouch.

Alitalia plane
Touched down at just after 9.10am. The flight was nice enough, not much turbulence and surprisingly decent food!

Was a little worried having a Working Holiday Visa would signal hours of paperwork and questions at border control, but nope! quick chat and then straight through to the train terminal.

My Suica card from 2009 still works!
My Suica card from 2009 still works! Too bad it only had 40 yen on it which is around 35p.

Narita Express(NEX)
Narita Express(NEX) to Tokyo Station, takes just under an hour. First time riding the new service!

Tokyo Sky Tree coming into view
Tokyo Sky Tree coming into view, it’s really close to our hotel too.

The beastly E259 series train
The beastly E259 series trains came into service in 2009, replacing all old Narita Express services by mid 2010

Yamanote line
Quick ride on the Yamanote line and we arrived in Ueno around 12pm. Check in at the hotel wasn’t until 3pm so we stowed our bags and went exploring, also hoping to wait out some more of the day and adjust to the time difference(which seems to have worked).

Ameyoko, a bustling Market street in Ueno which is well worth checking out. It’s on the edge of Uechun, which is a huge shopping district.

Spent a few hours exploring here and then headed back to the hotel, checked in, freshened up and headed over to Shinjuku. I was in a sleep deprived daze by now and remember very little! We ended the evening with a meal at a little soba house in Akihabara, cheap and tasty!

It’s so good to be back! 😀

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