Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold bars return for 2013!

Posted in Japan on 27 May, 2013 (11:21)

Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold bars return for 2013!
Following the runaway success of their summer concept bars last year, Asahi have opened their Super Dry Extra Cold bars for business again! This year sees the the number of bars across the country doubling from four to eight, with new bars popping up in Kyoto, Hiroshima and Sendai plus a second bar for Tokyo in Shinjuku station.

Last year the Osaka bar was in Shinsaibashi, but that store has since been turned into a Kaldi Coffee House, so this year it’s in Umeda – a stones throw from the new Grand Front shopping centre which is probably a good business decision! Yesterday Emma and I headed over there to enjoy an ice-cold beer(or two).

Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold bars return for 2013!
Inside, it’s the same slick interior as last year – however this store is a fair bit smaller than the Shinsaibashi one so expect to queue for a bit on weekends, we waited around ten minutes before heading in.

Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold bars return for 2013!
The drinks menu has some new items, Super Dry Black pumps have been added! Which has in turn has added some interesting beer cocktails to the menu, you can enjoy a Super Dry Black with lemon, lime or orange – Emma tried the lime and quite enjoyed it! The food was pretty great too, we had some chilli chicken(awesome, but spicy!) but saw plenty of dishes go to other tables, and they all looked pretty nomalicious.

These bars will be open across the summer, closing on the 30th of September. If you find yourself in any of the cities with an Extra Cold Bar, you should go! You can find more information about the other bars at the Asahi website.

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