McDonald’s – The ridiculous MEGA POTATO!

McDonald's - The ridiculous MEGA POTATO!
Unlike their performance in the rest of the world, McDonald’s have their back to the wall in Japan. With falling profits spurring them on, the company regularly run crazy promotions to get people through the door, sometimes even going as far as offering free breakfast items! While not a free, the Mega Potato is a suitably ridiculous item – a whopping 350g of fries – coming to nearly 1200 calories. What kind of idiot would eat that? *raises hand*

McDonald's - The ridiculous MEGA POTATO!
Despite being willing to put my health aside and pay the ¥490 for this wad of fries, my shame was still perfectly intact, so I got my Mega Potato to go. Back home, away from judging glares, I tucked into the gigantic red container – it’s the equivalent of two portions of large fries, which I always thought wouldn’t be a challenge, but by about three quarters through, I was done, salt overload. If you enjoy fries and have a big appetite, this is perfect for you, don’t hang around though – those fries cool down fast!

If there’s such thing as a salt hangover, I think I’ll have one tomorrow.

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