James Versus the(dormant) Volcano!

James Versus the(dormant) Volcano!
Sooo… kinda climbing Mt Fuji in just over a fortnight!

Back in early 2010, as we were on our way to Kansai international to fly home, this fantastic view of Fuji-San above came into view through the Shinkansen window. I remember at the time saying aloud “I’m going to climb that one day” well one day is just around the corner now!

We’ll be making our ascent early on July 5th, aiming to arrive at the summit (3,776 metres above sea level) in time for sunrise. There are a number of trails on the mountain, the one we’ve chosen to follow is the most common of these – Yoshida Trail. It’s known to get quite crowded, but hopefully this early in the season it won’t be too bad, but even if it is there should be a great atmosphere of camaraderie 🙂

It seemed very fitting to do this climb for charity. We’re fundraising for Helping Hands For Japan – an organisation who provide much needed help and aid to the people in the earthquake and tsunami hit regions of Japan. We’ll also be joining their volunteer partner Its Not Just Mud in August helping clear debris in the worst affected area of Ishinomaki.

Doing something like this is a big challenge for myself and Emma, we’re not the most active of people but it’ll be a fantastic achievement for a great cause. We’d really appreciate it if you’d consider donating using the widget on the right 🙂

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