Japan Photo of the Day – Thursday

Prayer Tablets
Thursday and we’re Just outside Ueno Zoo, at Toshogu shrine, where I learned no matter how far you think you’ve gone, there’s always a hint of home.

Again a shot from 2007, Toshogu shrine lies right on the edge of Ueno Zoo, hidden behind the 5-storied Pagoda Of Kaneiji Temple at the end of a wide a lantern-lined path. I found myself here after strolling down to the lake hoping to get some nice pictures, only to find it completely overgrown! Following the road up towards the Zoo I came across a huge flight of stone steps which led to the shrine. Just outside was this huge collection of prayer tablets, some dated as far back as the 80’s.

Upon closer inspection I noticed one of the tablets was written by someone just down the road in Sheffield! I know it’s not surprising that other people had visited a tourist hub like Ueno, but it just amused me that all the way on the other side of the world you still find reminders of home.

After this we had a fun time in the Zoo, they had Otters, it was awesome.

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