Taco rice onigiri!

Posted in Japan on 9 August, 2013 (11:50)

Tacorice Onigiri!
A couple of months ago, I randomly decided to make red wine kakigori(shaved ice). Surprisingly, it turned out well! This success has set me down a weird path of experimentation with Japanese food, my next creation is a take on a popular dish from Okinawa… Taco rice onigiri!

Tacorice Onigiri!
First step: cook up some rice in my trusty rice cooker!

Tacorice Onigiri!
Next, time to make some taco mince!

Tacorice Onigiri!
Today’s post is brought to you by Paburon, because I’m capable of catching a cold in August.

Tacorice Onigiri!
Now we’ve cooked everything, it’s time to put it all together.

Tacorice Onigiri!
Shaping the rice and creating a little hole to fill with mince.

Tacorice Onigiri!
Mince in! Then I topped with salsa and cheese.

Tacorice Onigiri!
Finally, instead of seaweed, wrap in a piece of lettuce and enjoy with a can of Orion(or your beer of choice) 🙂 Delicious!

Now, what to make next…

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