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HG 1/144 MVF-M11C Murasame

The Murasame is all but complete, I just need to apply some topcoat & decals as well as paint it’s 4 wing-mounted missiles which is going to be the real sod.

Very happy with this build though, it’s required more work than any kit i’ve ever built and because of that it’s been way more rewarding and i’ve learned alot.

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First Impressions: HG 1/144 MVF-M11C Murasame
To tide me over until MG Red Frame completes it’s journey from the land of the rising sun, i’ve decided to work on this awesome and underappreciated kit – the Murasame. Time to tear open the box and have a nosey inside!

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Completed this kit a good while ago(so much so i’m quite far into my next kit!) and I have taken absolutely forever to bother taking some piccies. But anyway, here we are! GP02 now has someone to square up to!

Clicky through for review!

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Finally! A good three and a half years since Ben originally got me this kit it’s finally done, and what a monster it is! Compared to other 1/144 models it’s a goliath, the MG must be insanely huge!

On with the review!

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